Just In Case App

Unique way to save and share your life story!


The Just In Case app is for everyone who wants to record and share their life story with their loved ones and/or health professionals just in case something bad was about to happen, such as:

  • memory loss

  • dementia

  • accidental brain injury

  • any mental health difficulty i.e. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms among military veterans

  • or simply for anyone who wants to find out more about themselves.

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How it Works

The Just In Case app collects all your entries and when you are ready to share them, it creates a PDF file, which is then emailed to people chosen by you.

Why to Share

So You Are Prepared! The recorded information will help professionals learn about you as an individual and understand your needs, values and beliefs. This could help to plan, encourage and engage you in enriching, appropriate and meaningful activities based on your life-long hobbies, interests, abilities and disabilities. It would also enable to design a physical environment which is personalized, familiar to you, understandable and consistent with your recorded experiences. In addition, knowledge of your fears will allow those involved in your care to make every effort to avoid conversations, situations and activities that could trigger those fears.